HAPPY AUDIT is a project on respiratory tract infections in general practice funded by the European Union. The objective of the project is to improve the quality of diagnostic procedures and treatment of respiratory tract infections in order to ensure that only the right patients get the necessary antibiotics. In this way we expect to be able to reduce the total antibiotic prescribing rate in order to avoid development of resistance.

A total of 618 doctors from Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Russa, Spain and Argentina are participating in the project.

During the first registration in January-February 2008 33.000 cases of respiratory tract infections were registered.

We have prepared reports with individual and national results, and for each country we have issued guidelines on rational treatment of respiratory tract infections. We have also made posters for waiting rooms and patient brochures to be handed out to patients during the second registration in January-February 2009.

Next meeting: Steering group meeting in Vilnius 29-30 May 2009. 

FP6 programme: Scientific Support to Policies (SSP)
Project title: Health Alliance for Prudent Prescribing, Yield And Use of Anti-microbial Drugs In the Treatment of Respiratory Tract Infections

Project number: 044154
EC contribution: 1.492.300 €
Duration: 36 months
Starting date: 01/04/2007
Instrument: Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP)
Facts about the use of antibiotics for patients with respiratory tract infections:
  • Most respiratory tract infections are caused by virus
  • Most respiratory infections are not dangerous
  • Very few respiratory infections are serious or life-threatening
  • Only few respiratory infections need acute treatment
  • Most prescriptions are issued for fear of serious infections – “just in case”
  • Overuse of antibiotics may lead to an increased number of resistant bacteria
  • Overuse of antibiotics may sometimes lead to deadly microbes: Killer Bacteria
        US News and World Report, May 1999
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