Measurable objectives of HAPPY AUDIT are:

To carry out research on existing behavioural tools:
- Planning of APO cycles in 12 regions with participation of 400 GPs
- Development of indicators for intervention
- Preparation of intervention materials for patients and professionals
Implementation of APO cycles in 12 regions:
- Initial registration of GPs and use of antibiotics for their RTI patients.
- Development of a number of intervention activities as a tool for behavioural changes of
the general public and professionals in the community towards prudent use of
antimicrobial agents in the view of different cultural backgrounds.
- Final registration including registration of the use of antibiotics after the intervention
Developing tools for development, implementation and evaluation of media campaigns
- Analysing the results of the APO cycles to identify the effect of different intervention tools.
- Presentation of political recommendations at Working Conference hosted by the World
Organisation of Family Doctors. The conference will include recommendations
at political level and support of European Health policy.
- Preparing tools and materials for media campaigns to be targeted at professionals and
patients to reduce the sale of antibiotics without prescription.
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