Partner P01 RUPO (DK) works in close cooperation with the Danish Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy (IRF), a governmental institute under the P03 MIH (DK). The aim of IRF is to ensure the population the most rational use of medicinal products available with respect to both pharmacological and economical aspects. This aim is directed towards both primary and hospital care. The evaluation of medicinal products is made on the basis of both effectual and financial points of view. To reach its aim, IRF provides well-balanced information to GPs, other health care professionals and consumers of medicine.
Rational pharmacotherapy signifies the treatment that has:
The largest effect
The least serious adverse effects
The fewest number of adverse effects
The lowest possible expenses.
Recently, P01 RUPO (DK) and IRF have published updated guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of patients with respiratory tract infections (in Danish, October 2005). Potential synergy and complimentary effects are foreseen as a consequence of continuous collaboration between P01 RUPO (DK) and IRF including results from the HAPPY AUDIT study.
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