P04 ULUND (SE) plans for a close cooperation with the Swedish STRAMA under WP3 intervention materials for patients. The vice president of STRAMA, Professor, GP, Sigvard Mölstad, Linköping University, has been working together with P04 ULUND (SE) on RTI audit projects since 1995.
STRAMA was founded in 1995 with the objective to prevent resistance to antibiotics. The specific objectives for STRAMA are:
1. Create a cross-sectorial national forum to share information, formulate national strategies, support and initiate research activities and collaborate with media.
2. Support development of local treatment guidelines, local consumption/resistance patterns, feedback to prescribers, patient information leaflets and co-operation with media.
Considerable synergy and complimentary effects are foreseen as HAPPY AUDIT will get possibilities to act more powerfully in the primary regional area in cooperation with STRAMA and
P05 NHBW (SE) on the national level. P04 ULUND (SE) will make STRAMA’s know-how available to the whole HAPPY AUDIT project organization.
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