The national initiatives include
- Collaboration between pharmacies, research units in primary care and Spanish Society of Family Medicine (2006)
- Brochure distributed by pharmacies in Catalonia “Ten reasons for not taking an antibiotic” (2004).
- Study to be carried out by P11 SEMFYC (ES) about monitoring the resistance rates of respiratory and urinary germs in the community setting. The idea is to begin with two areas: Galicia and Catalonia in 2007 and spread out afterwards.
- Forbidding sale of antibiotics without GP prescription (2006).
There will be clear synergy between HAPPY AUDIT project and the national projects. The plans for media campaigns as results of HAPPY AUDIT will be implemented by P11 SEMFYC (ES) and P13 MIH (DK) after the end of the project.
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